FICCI – Dhruva Advisors Pre-Budget Survey 2021 - 22


1. What should be the major macroeconomic themes of this Budget? (multiple-choice) (%)

2. What should be the key policy thrust areas of the Government in this year’s Budget? (multiple-choice) (%)

3. What should be the key focus area of the Government to create a manufacturing ecosystem including under the Make-in-India initiative? (%)


4. What, in your view, should be the key theme of direct tax proposals in this year’s Budget? (%)

5. What, in your view, is the biggest ask from the Government in respect of direct tax? (%)

6. What are the key challenges faced by your company form a tax perspective ? (multiple-choice) (%)

7. Where are the areas for which tax includes, exemptions should be provided by the Government? (multiple-choice) (%)

8. Which should be focus of the Government to promote a stable tax policy? (multiple-choice) (%)

9. Given the impact of COVID 19 on business, which tax measures should be introduced by the Government to revive business? (multiple-choice) (%)

10 Given the current concern regarding GST revenue argumentation, which of the below measures should be implemented by the Government? multiple-choice) (%)

11. What, in your view, are the key challenges faced by companies today from a GST perspective? multiple-choice) (%)